Boxing Classes: What to Bring

A simple guide to the basics you’ll need to enjoy your boxing session

Some handy pointers – whether you’re a complete beginner or have been to boxing classes or clubs before.

Boxing gear

Boxing gloves

If you’re on a tryout session and don’t have your own gloves I can provide spares – please book with me first.

Check out my guide to boxing gloves for advice on what type of glove is best for you.


Hand wraps

While these are optional – especially on a tryout session – I strongly advise you to get some fairly quickly to protect your hands.

Check out my guide to boxing hand wraps for advice on the different types available.

Boxing gloves: sparring

If you’d like to spar please make sure you turn up with appropriate sparring gloves. Gents: 16oz, Ladies: 14oz please. NOTE: Damaged or split gloves, ‘Bag gloves’ and MMA style mitts are not suitable for sparring.

Mouth guard

Please bring a pre-fitted mouth guard if you intend to spar during your session.


I have several headguards, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

Box/foul-proof protector

If you like to use one for sparring, please bring it.

What to wear

Your regular gym clothes – prepare to get sweaty!

Layers and a hat/hoody to stay warm afterwards

Dress for the weather if we are training outdoors

Trainers or CrossFit/gym shoes

No boxing boots – venue may not have canvas or mats

Remember to bring

Water to stay hydrated. No glass bottles please.

Please don’t bring




Dogs, cats, chickens, snakes or monkeys

A cold, flu, Covid-19 or any other nasties!



“As the newest member of a group I was a bit nervous going in as a complete novice. I shouldn’t have been – Dean and the other members of the group have been great. It’s been so much fun – I’ve learned a lot and my fitness has really improved. Highly recommended.”


“I’ve been training with Dean for 12 months now and I love his sessions. When I started I was very unfit and had no boxing experience. He varies the sessions enough to keep them challenging but incredibly fun with a great mix of technical and fitness. I would highly recommend to anyone of any ability and fitness especially if you want something to help you de-stress!”


“I absolutely love my group sessions… motivation levels are high, the training is focused, and I’ve seen big changes in my fitness levels, agility and mental well-being. A brilliant and positive experience.”


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