Boxing Classes

One-to-one boxing coaching and boxing group classes in Godalming, Surrey.

I run a number of different boxing classes for all levels of ability in Godalming, Surrey. Group classes provide a boxing club style buzz, while 1-2-1 sessions offer a completely personalised focus on you as an individual.

Whether you just want to join a class to get fit and meet new people or are looking for a boxing coach to get you prepared for a bout, please get in touch

Boxing Group Classes

Friendly, social buzz

Peer support adds a different dimension

Cost-effective for you

Boxing in a group adds a buzz and a supportive, social element. It’s a great way to learn from peers and adapt to different styles. Small group sizes means I can coach everyone to their abilities and it’s also kind on your pocket! I run groups for men and women of all ages and abilities – from 30 bout veterans to complete beginners just looking for a fitness kick!

Cost Per Term: Varies

1:1 Boxing Coaching

Complete one-on-one focus

Tailored entirely around your abilities and goals

Train at a time that suits you

Each session is tailored around your current ability and aspirations. Sessions may work on: boxing technique and combination punching, footwork and co-ordination for attack and defence, improving speed, power, conditioning and tactical drills and spars. Whether you’re boxing purely for fitness or looking to take it further, this is all about honing the best you.

From: £50 per hr


Boxing classes are a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which can help to improve your aerobic fitness and heart health, control your blood pressure and lower your stress levels.

Boxing training increases your core body strength and improves your balance – it’s an all-round workout for the body, not just the arms and shoulders.

You will burn a significant amount of calories during and after a boxing class which can help you lose weight when coupled with other lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet.



“I absolutely love my group sessions… motivation levels are high, the training is focused, and I’ve seen big changes in my fitness levels, agility and mental well-being. A brilliant and positive experience.”


“I’ve been training with Dean for 12 months now and I love his sessions. When I started I was very unfit and had no boxing experience. He varies the sessions enough to keep them challenging but incredibly fun with a great mix of technical and fitness. I would highly recommend to anyone of any ability and fitness especially if you want something to help you de-stress!”


“Dean trained me for a charity boxing match and I think it was harder than the fight itself! He didn’t cram in fancy stuff that would be out of the window as soon as the first bell went. I didn’t have much prep time, so he focused on improving my basics and staying cool under fire. I’ll definitely train with Dean again.”


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Boxing FAQs

Whereabouts do you offer boxing classes?

I currently run most boxing classes out of Godalming Lawn Tennis Club House in Farncombe. It’s a modern building with plenty of space and good facilities, including free car parking. During spring and summer months I also offer outdoor training in local parks where licensed. Please contact me to discuss further options on locations.

Are group classes suitable for novices?

Yes they are! Most people who join a group are beginners and those who aren’t were all novices once. Groups are diverse and supportive – everyone has their own personal reason for being there. It’s a friendly, attitude-free environment, so give it a try!

Do I need my own boxing gloves?

I can provide boxing gloves for your tryout session, but if you decide to train with me regularly, you may want to get your own gloves and hand wraps for hygiene purposes. I cannot always guarantee the availability of spare gloves.

What does a boxing class consist of?

Every boxing class is built on four pillars of development: Physical, Mental, Technical and Tactical. Like any skills-based sport these factors are co-dependant. Learning and perfecting good technique builds better fitness, keeps the mind engaged and puts you on a pathway of development and success.

Sessions include: circuits and drills to increase explosive power, pad work to improve technique and speed, defence and footwork coaching and the option of sparring for experienced individuals who want to practice. Sessions vary weekly and always have a specific training aim. No two sessions are ever the same… by design!

How long does a boxing class last?

Each session lasts for one hour and includes a warm-up. Longer sessions can be booked by arrangement.

Can I book with friends?

Yes! If you’d like to train with friends, I can organise a small group session with you. Please contact me to discuss group size, requirements and pricing.

How do I get started?

Please contact me to discuss what you’re looking for in more depth and to check availability.

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