Personal training in Godalming, Surrey – 1:1 training and group classes in all activities.

Boxing Training

Boxing training

Supercharge your mind and body

Learn new skills, build confidence and get in top shape

Boxing specific workouts, pads and drills for fitness

Coaching for contact participants and events

Boxing offers unrivalled head-to-toe fitness gains, boosting power, co-ordination and stamina. I offer boxing classes and coaching for all ages and abilities, whether you are a competitor looking for a fresh perspective, or a non-contact participant looking for a rewarding way to workout and get in great shape.

Weight training

Build muscle, strength, power and endurance

Improve bone, ligament and tendon health

Complement your sport or planned event

Hit the beach with confidence!

Whether you’re looking for a specific programme to complement your chosen sport, increase lean muscle, or simply improve your body shape, weight bearing exercise carries a multitude of health benefits that go beyond the skin deep. Building strength makes everyday activities easier and makes you feel good!

Weight Training
Curcuit Training

Circuit training

Great blend of aerobic fitness, strength and endurance

Full body workouts at an intensity to suit your goals

Minimal equipment, maximum gains. Do it anywhere!

Group sessions add a great social element

Circuit training is a great way to get a full body workout with a minimum of hassle. The combination of aerobic intervals, free weights, bodyweight and flexibility exercises promotes increased co-ordination, stability, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Nutrition advice

Nutrition for weight loss or weight gain

Fuelling for sports and performance

Diet evaluation and action plan

The key to enjoying your fitness programme is to fuel your body with good nutrition. You’ll see the biggest fitness gains, increase your chances of staying healthy and enjoy your workouts more. I can support your training programme with practical nutrition advice that will help you put the right stuff in to get the best results out.

Diet Planning


Your personal trainer

Hi, I’m Dean

I set up Most-Fit in November 2020 as a fully insured Level 3 Personal Trainer. I’m a keen runner, cyclist, boxer and weight trainer with a real passion for improving the health of mind and body through fitness.

Whatever your current level of fitness and ambition, I will tailor a great programme around you as an individual.

Success is all about enjoying the journey and I’m here to make sure you do that. My aim is to be not just your trainer, but your coach, motivator, chief supporter and constant source of inspiration!

Dean Boxing


How much does personal training cost?

1:1 Personal training

Pay as You Go: From £50 per hr

Season plan or event preparation: POA

Group classes

Per Term: Varies

Pay as You Go: From £20 per session

1:1 Boxing training

Pay as You Go: From £50 per session

Coaching and event preparation: POA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whereabouts do you offer training?

I offer services in a location to suit you: outdoors, at your home or at a gym of your choice. I run boxing group classes at Godalming Lawn Tennis Club House in Farncombe. Please contact me to discuss further options on locations.

How long does a session last?

Each session lasts for one hour and will include a warm-up and cool down. Longer sessions can be booked by arrangement.

What do I need to bring to a session?

Just some water and a small towel. Make sure you have enough layers to keep warm after your workout. If we are working outdoors, bring appropriate clothes for the weather conditions and activity.

Boxers: Boxing gloves are available for a try out session, but you may wish to use your own gloves and hand wraps for hygiene purposes.

How hard will a session be?

Every session I do with you will be tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, current fitness level, any pre-existing conditions, ultimate goals and likes and dislikes. My aim is for you to finish each session feeling (deservedly) great about yourself.

Can I book with friends?

Yes! If you’d like to workout with friends, I’d be happy to run a small group session with you. Please contact me to discuss group size, requirements and pricing.

How do I get started?

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation. This is an opportunity for us to meet, ask questions and start to establish a plan based on what type of exercise you will enjoy and benefit from.